Affinity Gradient

by 4GArt

This blog is about Affinity Gradient. I mean color gradient for Affinity Software. The gradient can be used in Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher.

Gradients allow you to change the look of the design and give it psychological meaning. We know that we can spend a lot of time creating all the gradients with a combination of colors. But if we want to save time, we can just buy the gradients and import them into Affinity and apply them very quickly to our design. Here are 4GArt’s three gradient collections you should check out.


📜 How to import the Affinity Gradient in Affinity.
1. Unzip the file, in order to get the “.afpalette” file.
2. Open your Affinity app and import the file (afpalette file) in the swatches panel tab as “Application Palette”.

🏆 Why choose us 🏆
✅ Video installation tutorial
✅ Trustworthy with YouTube
✅ Easy to use
✅ Quality design
✅ It will save you time
✅ Excellent Support
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Affinity Gradient Swatches

Affinity Gradient Designer

Thanks for all your Support

Affinity Gradient Swatches

Thanks to everyone, you are awesome!

A special thanks to my lovely son, who helped me make two of the swatches. His name is Jotham he was only 10 years old when I guided him through the making of the galaxy and the beetle color gradient swatches.

Also thanks to all of you that support me and my son by selling the gradient swatches. I do it with a lot of passion and creativity to help other save time and energy with creating gradient.