How To Make Golden Text
How To Make Golden Text


by 4GArt

Basically you can make gold gradient color from every software that have the possibility to use gradient tool. Because a combination of multiple colors will create a gradient illusion of a gold color.


The colors that you need for create a golden illusion is dependent on the golden color type you need. When you know wich golden color type you need, you can just sample multiple color from a image with a “color picker or eyedropper tool”.

Just check my step by step Golden Text and Logo video tutorials.
The videos will show you how you can create a golden text and logo

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Golden Icon

by 4GArt

Learn how you can download free icon and turn them into gold color. 

If you want the save time with creating golden swatches, you can just buy the Golden swatches that I have create for you.

Golden Gradient

Technique by 4GArt

Learn how you can make a gold logo or text in Adobe Illustrator.

Metallic Gradient

Technique 2019 by 4GArt

Learn how you can make metallic color gradient background in Adobe Illustrator.

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