Adobe Illustrator Metallic Swatches

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Metallic Illustrator Swatches
By 4GArt

🛍️  Adobe Illustrator Metallic Gradient Swatches
This metallic swatches package contain 8 Adobe Illustrator metallic gradient, full in adobe Illustrator vector swatches format.
This swatches will help you save a lot of time with creating golden en metallic text, logo, icon and all other vector graphic art.
It will work in Adobe Illustrator.

📜 How it works
1. Buy and download the file.
2. Extract the file to get the .ai file
3. Open Adobe Illustrator
4. Go to window / Swatch Libraries / and click on other library
5. Now load the file "Illustrator Metallic"
6. Now you are ready to apply the gradient to your design.

🏆 Why choose us 🏆
✅ We provide video installation tutorial
✅ Trustworthy with YouTube Channel
✅ Easy to use
✅ Quality design
✅ It will save you time

▶️ Here the video how to install it:


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